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wanted: alternative to FastStone Image Viewer

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OT WRT OPI just compared IrfanView (v4.2), XnView and FastStone Image viewer (latest versions of both) with Compupic for speed. Compupic is shareware and has been abandoned for years but none of these can match it for speed, even now. :)

It might lack some feature or other, making it a no-go for a lot of people but I definitely recommend taking the trial for a spin once, even if it's just to use the awesome instant zoom (tap Z) feature.

The XnView Shell extension is a keeper, BTW.

... IrfanView, however there are 14 folders you can set as default at any time and pressing F7 will move to currently selected folder.
-Shades (March 01, 2009, 02:19 PM)
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- I had forgotten about this feature - thanks for telling!  :up:

The XnView Shell extension is a keeper, BTW.
-nosh (March 02, 2009, 02:04 AM)
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If you keep IrfanView, you might want to try the free DLL from BAxBEx, (scroll all down), BAxBEx IrfanView Shell Extension.

clickable thumb:

wanted: alternative to FastStone Image Viewer

- works well with Vista, also.

Maybe this would do it for you:

Never tried it myself though, just have the link lying around on my desktop for months.

The two things that annoy me most about FIV (which I'm still using though) are: no keyboard shortcut for 'remove red-eye' and the (feels like) dozens of times it asks me if I really want to overwrite that image after using 'remove red-eye' or rotate (which should be lossless anyway). And yes, I reported these as well.

I've never tried out XnView; I'll give it a good look-over. I use FastStone IV for organizing my pics, but I must say I'm frustrated that it doesn't have a search function. Irfan doesn't do much for me; it seems a bit flimsy.

XnView has a Search function under "Tools" tab / Ctrl F.


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