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Phoronix benchmarking suite is now included in Ubuntu 9.04 repositories


Ubuntu Jaunty users (who are fans of benchmarking) can now rejoice. The Phoronix Test Suite is now available in the Ubuntu 9.04 distribution's Universe repository, for easy installation via apt-get or Synaptic.

Benchmarking On Ubuntu Just Became Easier
Posted by Michael Larabel on February 17, 2009

The Phoronix Test Suite was accepted into the Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) universe repository this morning. What this means is that it's now drop-dead simple to benchmark your system running Ubuntu 9.04 or later. The step of having to go to the Phoronix Test Suite web-site to download the source or Debian package is no more (well, unless you want to grab the latest snapshot). To start benchmarking on Ubuntu it is as easy as running:

    $ sudo apt-get install phoronix-test-suite
    $ phoronix-test-suite benchmark unigine

It's that easy to have the Phoronix Test Suite installed followed by running Unigine tests, which is a great way to check on your system's OpenGL performance. The Phoronix Test Suite will automatically download the needed test files, locally install the test files, and then carry out the testing in an automated and reproducible manner.

Additionally, there is about 90 other test profiles shipping with Phoronix Test Suite 1.6. Just run phoronix-test-suite list-tests or phoronix-test-suite list-suites to see some of what's available. You can even just use the Phoronix Test Suite for a consolidated view of your system's key hardware and software components.
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Aw man, this is going to open some floodgates...

Aw man, this is going to open some floodgates...
-Edvard (February 18, 2009, 11:27 AM)
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Count on it. :tellme:

Hey guys,
 This is nice for sure..and I know this is a bit late  but what about ehe gtk part of it.. I see no gui for the suit??



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