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Caps<=>lower case as a formating preset


Modifying case from All caps to no caps is the formating move I do most, so it would be great if that can be one of the quick formating presets. Along these lines, is there a way of choosing which modifications appear as presets?

OK, I posted b4 searching. So now I found my answer here

BUT, when I try to follow these instructions exactly:
"...Then choose the UPPERCASE text formatting and nothing else"
I find that it's impossible =not= to choose "trim left" and "trim right."
I'm assuming that this won't make a difference, but just curious how to unchoose those 2...


i think your confusion is that you cant UNCHECK the boxes marked "trim left" and "trim right", but that is misleading because the reason you cant change those checkboxes is because the PARENT checkbox of them is already disabled.

So its a bit of a confusion with the interface, but trimming is turned off when the parent group checkbox is unchecked, so there is nothing to worry about.

good work figuring out how to do what you wanted -- the preset format things can be tricky to get the grasp of initially.


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