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silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

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That reminds me of the little joke
Masochist: "Hit me..."
Sadist: "....No"

-Shades (November 28, 2018, 07:02 PM)
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Yes - you're so right! There's often truth in humour.

You may have read that the French are revolting. (Yes, they are, aren't they?)
This time it's whilst dressed in fluorescent HVVs (yellowish-green hi-visibility safety vests). All drivers of vehicles in France are required by law to have an HVV in their car. had an interesting comment about this:
(Copied below sans embedded hyperlinks/images.)
The unsung genius of the yellow vest
tags: Environment, French affairs, Media & Journalism
Natalie Solent (Essex)
Whatever one thinks about the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) protests/riots in France – and I happen to know that they are the result of a deal made between a French green activist wishing to see more protests about what the government was doing to combat climate change and a particularly literal minded demon – the choice of the yellow Hi-Vis waistcoat or vest as a symbol of the protests was inspired. As every schoolboy knows, St David told the Britons to wear leeks in their caps to distinguish friend from foe in their battles with the Saxons. In many struggles since then some item snatched up in haste from whatever was lying around in order to improvise a uniform has duly become an icon of that cause. Here are some reasons why the gilet jaune is destined to join that illustrious list:

One: Protesters want to be seen. Hi-vis vests make people highly visible. This is one of those linkages that manages to be both obvious and surprising at the same time. Why did no one think of this before?

Two, anyone driving a car in France has got one in the boot anyway because a 2008 law says they must. Might as well put the thing to use.

Three, and this is the one I love, it turns a symbol of compliance into a symbol of defiance. Cop pulls you over. Cop saunters up to the car. “Is monsieur carrying a gilet de haute visibilité as required by law?” “Why of course, officer. I always carry my yellow vest. One never knows when one might need it.”
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I reckon that's a typically "French" thing to do - to turn the tables on an oppressive authority by flipping the bird with an oppressive symbol used by that authority. The guillotine of the French Revolution was a prime example. The irony is biting/cutting.

As a follow-on from the above HVV item, I should apologise to French-haters and Francophobes alike that it was not used as an opportunity to get yet another dig in about how awful the French are. We should of course never forget that there are plenty of reasons for hating the French:

Talking of Haters, I had an absolute LOL moment today whilst watching this USTV clip of something called "The View", in which was a group of women apparently discussing/making a tribute to the late 41st president of the US, (George H.W. Bush) - God bless 'im - who died recently.
Now I don't know much about the women in the clip, but what it clearly shows is that one of them seems to be moronically obsessed with using the pretext of paying tribute to the deceased president to address the single issue of a manufactured negative political comment against the current president (Trump 45th).
To paraphrase Yoda:
"The Hate is strong in this one."
--- End quote ---

But a highly articulate blonde lady (Meghan McCain) - who seems to have clearly done her homework on GHWB - won't stand for the nonsense and disrespect of perverting the occasion to try and score political points on the speaker's single issue, and so tries to pull it back on track.

What amused me was that, if one wanted to FAIL and make a complete, public and spectacular ass of oneself, then there are probably other/better ways to do it, but this one would arguably be up there with the best of them. Priceless shooting-oneself-in-the-foot stuff.
But it's beautifully compounded by the disrespect and lack of honour shown in the act of attempting to abuse such a solemn occasion by mindlessly trying to score political points. If it were about (say) trying to make a $ profit from the occasion, then the speaker could be labelled as being "venal", but in the context of paying tribute to and honouring a great US president on his death there's an English phrase that could be used to describe this kind of thing: "Don't sh#t in your own nest."
This was definitely an own-nest-fouling of the greater kind. Highly successful and amusing, made all the more so because it was so brilliantly executed by a speaker who clearly didn't seem to appreciate the potential impact and/or blow-back of what they were doing. Talk about target fixation.

But hey, when the Hate is that strong, I guess a gal's just gotta evacuate her bowels pronto, regardless. Gives a whole new meaning to"let it go/flow".  Ahahaha, I slay me.




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