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silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

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Perhaps Slim Pickens for a running mate?

Perhaps Slim Pickens for a running mate?
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-crabby3 (June 21, 2015, 10:52 AM)
--- End quote ---

His rodeo style H Bomb ride in Dr. Strangelove is a screen classic.

Arizona Hot:


This is actually Interesting Stuff, but a few surprises in the details set up weapons of mass laughter. Presented in a certain concept order.

Slashdot's setup link:

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"Three students ... won the Healthcare Category ..., for their idea to use antibodies to create color-changing condoms to recognize STDs. They say the material, which is still in the concept stage, will turn green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes, purple for HPV, and blue for syphilis."

Then it goes sideways:
"The three inventors are 13-to-14 year olds."

A typical "blurby quote" by a school official on auto-pilot before realizing it was too late:
"...the originality of their product, and the quality of the design work that went into its promotion, clearly stood out amongst entries from more than 500 other students in the UK and caught the judge's eye, taking them through to the final."

Then another one, from the BBC:
"The BBC reports: "The boys said they still have to test the science and feasibility of their idea. They want to work with a university on the science and say they've already been contacted by a condom company which is interested in working with them on developing the concept further."

Source articles:

Arizona Hot:

Dictionary Editors Say Twerking Goes Back Almost 200 Years


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