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silly humor - post 'em here! [warning some NSFW and adult content]

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Having lived downstairs from some alleged lunatics, this hits me *right there*

-Edvard (March 26, 2019, 12:28 AM)
--- End quote ---
"you know some people might say this is passive-aggressive . . . thank you"

NPC WARNING! The following post includes explicit language, mixed with social commentary and  dollops of irony and satire  - a Good Example of British humour in times of stress.
May seem difficult to understand if all one can see is politics.

17 Million F*ck Offs - A Song About Brexit.
Absolutely brilliant and cruelly accurate statement, all put to music by the author/singer/performer Dominic Frisby - a respected financial writer, libertarian and entertainer.

I originally saw this video linked from Guy Fawkes' Blog -
Apparently it was charting at No.1 on Amazon UK at 1 quid each.

As 1 reviewer put it:
With all the Brexit stress we needed some light relief and Dominic has done an admirable job with this comical account of Brexit set to the tune of the old English folk song "Widecombe Fair". Not too sure if there's any reason for using this particular song - is the "old grey mare" Brexit and the merry group of men the remain MPs?
He manages to feature most of the antagonists, names who you will know and now have a helpful way to remember them for later encounters. Bravo.
--- End quote ---

The lyrics make good use of the well-known old folk song - Widecombe Fair - because it is an old favourite and lists lots of people/names/details, each chorus ending in"...and Uncle Tom Cobbly an' all, and Uncle Tom Cobbly an' all." - which phrase became part of the English language (as a colloquialism).

There's more humour though - this next one is a cleverly-done spoof by Remainers, cobbled together using words spoken by Brexiteer Jacob Ress-Mogg and put to music:
I rather like it.

@Edvard: I liked "Everyone's Upstairs Neighbours". Very droll. Nice find. Thanks for posting.

Mr. Hyde: "What the hekyll."



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