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Linux finance management program (ALA Quicken?)

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If your entire financial life is on your PC, you do not want to take chances running a non-native financial application. There are too many ways you could run into problems. Wine is far from bulletproof. And Quicken also has it's share of technical problems.

If you just want to try  Ubuntu, a far better approach would be to install it via the WUBI option and keep Windows intact until you decide where you ultimately want to go.
-40hz (February 09, 2009, 07:19 AM)
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Or install Windows in a VirtualBox or something...

Actually this article is from 2002, so I wonder if it's not so bad an idea after all.
Folks towards the end of this thread are recommending MoneyDance. Sorta telling, isn't it?

Has anyone ever messed with Win4Lin?

Has anyone ever messed with Win4Lin?
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This copied from from their website would make me nervous:

Win4VDI for Linux Workgroup Edition (10-user pack $699 until 15 September 2008)

This is kind of off topic - but on it if you see what I mean ?

You don't ?

Oh.   :(

I have tried running two Family History programmes on Ubuntu 8.04 under Wine.  One would not work at all. The other sort of worked, but with all sorts of oddities.  So, I remain one of those who thinks that Linux is a Good Thing, but is of no use to me at the moment.  I certainly would not commit something important to such a system at the moment.

(PS. Yes, I know about Gramps, but that would need to be a separate thread.)

If you go with MoneyDance (I use and like the Windows version), here are a couple of resources for figuring out how to download data from banks that aren't on MD's list:


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