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Exe/Dll Resource viewers and Editors

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I've yet to find a working resource editor since Whitewaters resource kit (win 2 & 3). Reshacker did the job but died a few years ago.
Unfortunately most of the rest available editors are either limited in features, buggy or ...dead.
Nowadays I'm only using Visual Studio for resource editing. Not the lightest solution, but works with any kind of resource and supports binaries.

Over a year later and it seems the land of resource editors is still a barren wasteland of rusting old hulks of once useful programs. Has anything new come on the scene and sparked attention? I am trying to decide which once to install on my development laptop which is running Vista.

Greetings from the Wasteland of Resource Editors! We at Heaventools are preparing a big big major 2.0 update for Resource Tuner in few months. In my biassed opinion, Resource Tuner will not be either limited in features or buggy, and of course it's not dead. Actually, we hope to cover all your resource editing needs with this new release. But if you have something special in mind, let me know.


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