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David: a TRIP to the dentist

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If I didn't know better, I'd say that this is what happens when your dentist replaces nitrous oxide with lysergic acid diethylamide.

Thanks to my friend for posting the link originally :)
Ketil says (18:30): iiiizzhhh thiiiss reeaaal liffe?
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Hilarious. Laughed my a$$ off. Thanks for posting this f0dder.

Freaky. Though, if he had stitches in his mouth, it may have been oral surgery where they completely knocked him out instead of just using some nitrous oxide to numb the pain. That stronger stuff will have you saying and doing things you probably won't remember.

That stronger stuff will have you saying and doing things you probably won't remember.-Deozaan (February 03, 2009, 08:28 PM)
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Oh, the magic of hypnotics.

I've had 2 select nerve blocks in my back done over this past year.
The first time, I was without drugs. & I absolutely -hated it-.
I adore my doctor, but it really was uncomfortable, and to make it worse, I must have tensed up at least a dozen times in fear.
I could not stop swearing and muttering commands under my breath, like,
"Get that #! thing out of my *&^! back. Now. Now. NOW. Lets get ON with this!", etc., etc.

The second time I opted for the drug.
They tell you that you're able to communicate during the procedure (this is necessary), you just won't remember anything.
So I did it, but afterwards I started thinking hmmm..., "I wonder what came out my mouth during that procedure!?"
What if the hypnotic lowers your inhibitions, too?
What if I tried to climb off the surgery table or called my doctor a bunch of awful names? Aaaaggghhh!
At least the first time, I could control the volume of my swearing, but oh, no...did I have any self-control? 
:-[  Oh, I cannot think about it anymore, I'm just cringing...but they work, I know this much - I remembered nothing. :D

I recently had a procedure done with similar anesthesia that my wife was present for. With her help I was able to "remember" a lot of what I did and said at the time. It makes for a really hilarious story, but the details of the procedure are a bit too personal for me to want to share story online. :)


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