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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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@MilesAhead: Google Keep doesn't seem to do any syncing in the way that (say) Xmarks did/does, so I doubt it would be a problem in the way that you suppose.
It's just a way of clipping stuff to Google Drive in the Cloud - or locally ("offline") - a bit like a Clipboard store.
If you had Google Drive installed on the PC/laptop hard drive, then the store would end up there also.
Google Keep isn't of much use yet, because it is pretty basic/limited in what it does. I am waiting to see whether Google will develop it further. It has lots of potential.
I was hoping I might be able to dump Scrapbook in favour of Keep, but no, not yet anyways. Scrapbook is the main reason I am still tied to Firefox.

@IainB thanks for the info.  When I see "sync" I just assume they will glob everything together and push it if you want it or not.  :)  Good to know all is not insanity.  :)

dantheman: used to be a nice free app - looking for old free version or someway to do same tasks.

Used to have many issues syncing with XMarks, even Mozilla sync for Firefox.
Happened once with Google about 7 years ago or so. Wrote to them and things were fixed almost instantly.
Syncing issues nowadays are a thing of the past.

Google Keep on Android syncs right away with their online database.
Comes in handy to take quick pictures, add notes or tags (recent novelty).

MilesAhead: used to be a nice free app - looking for old free version or someway to do same tasks.
-dantheman (June 08, 2016, 06:27 AM)
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If you have an idea when the last free version was available on their web page try here:

There is a chrome extension that is somewhat similar.  Highlight something in the browser and a floating menu of icon buttons pops up next to the mouse.  I can't remember the name of it though.  I removed it from SlimJet in favor of SelectionSearch extension.

I looked at Click.To web site.  I am still not sure exactly what it does.  But I take it that it is a stand-alone program and works independently of browsers.  For some reason these fast paste utilities seem to go from freeware to payware as soon as the bugs are removed.  :)

Try this link:

It looks like the last beta release.  Edit:  Oops!  It just says the beta is over.  Oh well, some time before that may work.  :)

Curt: used to be a nice free app - looking for old free version...-dantheman (June 08, 2016, 06:27 AM)
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^ impressive set of features! 
And the price!  :up: >Subtotal: USD 9.80, plus 25% sales tax/VAT: USD 2.45, Total amount: USD 12.25< 
- with Lifetime Licen...oh: History, No updates for 2½ years.


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