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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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I only wish that firefox would improve upon their Bookmarks Manager or make an add-on that allowed for better link management. I find it hard to believe that when i do a text search for one of my links, it finds the link so i know it exists, but it doesn't show you what folder it's currently sitting in.-hairball (May 16, 2008, 12:15 PM)
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you can use Locate in Bookmark Folders for that.

Nice list of add-ons!

you can use Locate in Bookmark Folders for that.
-lanux128 (May 17, 2008, 08:20 AM)
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wow thanks for that. I was having the same frustrations as hairball with the Bookmark Manager's search. Haven't tried this extension yet but am definitely getting it after this!

One of my favourite add-ons ever is Separate Tabs - it groups tabs "automatically by host URL" by inserting a blank 'separator' tab between groups of tabs. It's not that polished in Firefox 1.5 (looks very nice in Firefox 2!) but I did use it for a year, until I got Tab Mix Plus, which made the 'separator' tab the same width as all the other tabs, kind of defeating the purpose. I have with some sadness disabled Separate Tabs ever since, as I value the features of Tab Mix Plus more, but I do miss it.  :/

(p.s. Separate Tabs has not been updated in over a year and I have emailed the author asking about an update, but I'm not hopeful...)

Here is the list of some of my favourite extensions:

* Adblock Plus
* Add Bookmark Here ² 3.0.20080730 -- why is it not part of Firefox?
* AI Roboform Toolbar for Firefox 6.9.90 -- can't live without it, well worth the money
* All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.6 -- very nice
* Allow Right-Click 0.4 -- is there ever a legitimate reason to disallow it?
* Better Gmail 2 0.6 -- ? (show shortcuts) is the most useful shortcut available
* BetterSearch 1.20 -- thumbnails for Google search results
* CoLT 2.4.1 -- Copy link text, often very useful
* Configuration Mania 1.09.2008070501 -- easy access to many useful about:config options
* CS Lite 1.3.9 -- cookie manager
* CyberSearch 1.0.2 -- a very nice replacement for quick search keywords
* Delicious Bookmarks 2.0.72
* Download Statusbar
* Easy DragToGo -- drag a link down to open it in background tab, drag selected text up to search for it, etc. All customizable, of course.
* Fetch Text URL 1.6.3
* FlashGot
* FormFox 1.6.2 -- pops up a tooltip with action when hovering over a form submit button
* functions for keyconfig 1.3.7
* Gmail Manager 0.5.5
* Greasemonkey 0.8.20080609.0
* Highlight Focus 0.2.1
* IE Tab 1.5.20080803
* Image Zoom 0.3.1
* It's All Text! 0.8.5 -- edit text fields in your favourite editor
* keyconfig 20060828.1 -- configure keyboard shortcuts. Ok, seriously, why the hell it isn't built-in?
* Link Alert -- show link type when hovering over it.
* Menu Editor 1.2.6 -- with this number of extensions, default context menus are horribly crowded.
* Mouseless Browsing -- hit a key to show number IDs over all links, access them using numpad.
* MR Tech Disable XPI Install Delay 2.4
* Mr Uptime 0.9.2 -- periodically checks unavailable pages and reports when they go up again
* Multiple Tab Handler 0.2.2008050601
* NextPlease 0.7.0 -- provides shortcuts to "Next", "Previous", "Last", and "First" pages, whatever this means for the site
* Nightly Tester Tools 2.0.2
* NoScript 1.7.7
* Options Menu 1.6 -- access to the options of all extensions in the "Tools" menu
* PasswordMaker 1.7.2 -- generates hard-to-guess passwords
* Popup ALT Attribute 1.3.2008052801
* QuickRestart 1.1.3
* Read it Later 0.9811 -- saves pages into bookmarks to read them later
* ScrapBook -- save pages on your computer
* Search on Engine Change 1.1
* Session Manager -- much better than the built-in one
* Smart Middle Click -- middle-click on Javascript links
* Snap Links 0.0.5 -- open multiple links by middle-click-dragging a rectangle over them
* Stylish 0.5.7
* SubmitToTab 0.3.5 -- Ctrl-click on a submit button to open the result in a new tab
* Tab History 1.0.5 -- all tabs opened start with the history of the tab from which they were opened. A replacement for How'd I Get Here, which doesn't work in Firefox 3
* Tab Mix Plus
* Tab Scope -- thumbnails for tabs
* Toolbar Buttons
* Uppity 1.5 -- go up in the URL structure

Nice list. Are you using FF V2 or V3?

Nice list. Are you using FF V2 or V3?
-Armando (August 05, 2008, 02:18 AM)
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Firefox 3.
Note that this does require quite a bit of time to start up, but since I always have Firefox open, I don't mind it.


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