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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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Thanks a lot, sri - just what the doctor ordered!  :up:

What extension used to give me Highlight > Open in Reg' Editor ?

- or was it purely a Maxthon feature?  :-\

Carol Haynes:
There was a right click extension for 'open in reg editor' for Explorer (and therefore probably for Maxthon too).


I tried it eons ago and it worked fine.

There seems to be something similar for Firefox (but I haven't tried it)



Just tried the Firefox Extension and it seems to work fine.

Oh, it was that easy!  :-[
- thanks, Carol!

By far my favorite extension is

I have 3 XP & 2 Linux boxes at home, several work machines all running foxmarks, all with several thousand links, always up to date and synchronized using this awesome add-on. I used to use both MyLinkVault (worthless) and Sync2It (problems with synching-lost links) until i stumbled across Foxmarks...I've yet to have any problems with Foxmarks even when they went thru a major server/version upgrade a while back.

I only wish that firefox would improve upon their Bookmarks Manager or make an add-on that allowed for better link management. I find it hard to believe that when i do a text search for one of my links, it finds the link so i know it exists, but it doesn't show you what folder it's currently sitting in. :-\


Welcome to the site hairball -- nice first post  :Thmbsup:


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