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Firefox Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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Instead of posting again again what extensions I have installed at the moment, I will express my longing for RichScrollbar; I really miss it! But the author gave up understanding how to update it for Firefox 3 :-(
Do 'you' have the knowledge to make it work?
Danish Mozilla page:
Direct link:


For some hours I was also missing MinimizeToTray, because it hasn't been updated for Firefox 3, but I managed to find a fix :-) claiming this will keep it updated until Firefox 9.9.9 !!!   :o

I made a hack that will allow installation to Firefox and Thunderbird up to version 9.9.9. Works in Firefox 3.0.4 perfectly.
Direct link:

-by R den 20. november 2008
--- End quote ---

+ the Enhancer:

here's the richscrollbar,
good to 4.0
change the name
from .zip to .xpi
then drop into an open firefox window and it will install

- so many Thanks to you, cmpm  :up:

However, in my setup it only works inside the little addons box, not in the big Firefox window.
Default theme.

Don't rush, it is late night around here, and I am off to bed, NOW.  ;)

Yeah, same here after getting the right theme installed.
Just uninstall it and see if someone else can do better.

I use Classic Compact theme with large icons and no text.
Works great for me. But that richscrollbar is not for that theme.

I too really miss RichScrollbar


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