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Idea: System Tray Icons for Background Processes


I know a lot of people try to eliminate system tray icons -- they want it empty down there.  I'm the opposite -- I love seeing what is running on the pc with these icons.

So here is my idea:

* A program that lets you set icons for background processes and services.
* It would let you configure a custom icon or use the exe icon of the process.
* It would let you select which processes should be included or excluded.
* It should automatically show or not show the icon based on if the process is currently running.
* It should offer a right-click menu for each icon letting you stop the process.
* A nice option would be to allow a process icon to always show even if the process is not running, but show grey if not, with menu item to start it up.

Interesting idea. This is somewhat analogous to USBSafelyRemove, which displays hidden usb devices in a separate list. I thought it was a silly idea when I first tried it, but now I find it quite handy. I can see, for example, things like my usb printer and scanner, which don't normally appear in Windows default Safely Remove sys tray icon... Point being if I can find a use for this sort of feature in a safely remove hardware feature, I'm sure it will be useful in an app that displays hidden services, device drivers, etc.  in a system tray icon.

I like it.


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