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Cleaning Inside the Case

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Be very careful when using compressed air inside a computer case - and never on a running machine. Compressed air tends to be pretty cold, and can cause water condensation, possibly resulting in fried PSUs.

If you do use compressed air, the trick is of course to combine it with a regular vacuum cleaner (which is just fine for in-case use in my experience), so you don't just blow the dust around :)
-f0dder (January 30, 2009, 09:06 AM)
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i want to double what f0dder says -- i destroyed up a power supply by blowing compressed air into it.
i say: never never EVER use compressed air inside a computer case.
-mouser (January 30, 2009, 09:08 AM)
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Yikes! Good tip about using in conjuction with a vacuumn cleaner - I'll do that, and be a lot more careful from now on.

I like Chris' suggestion about making your own vacuumn clearner adatper - I'll be trying that as well. If nothing else, it'll save me money on compressed air AND provide hours of amusement for my kids  :)

To all concerned about the air duster issue - Yes, the machine is always powered down, unplugged, and cooled down. BTW I always follow that regimen before going into my case. I'm only crazy, not stupid!!  ;D

As I mentioned, when I do use an air duster in the case I always use the cans that don’t have enough pressure left to do much else with, and I keep the handheld vacuum running on high with the nozzle right at the point where I am dusting up the dirt. I realize that a piece or two of dust might "get away" but I get most all of it right into the vacuum. I have done it like this since the mid-1990's and haven't ruined a box yet!  (At least not that way; Of course I can ruin them several other ways!  :o )

I honestly can't see the point in blowing into the box with any kind of air unless you try to immediately capture it with suction. Otherwise you're just blowing it around and possibly forcing it into a component that will make the problem worse. My opinion anyway.

Edvard, 40hz: Thanks for the links! I hadn't searched around at all vendors; mostly the Newegg's and Amazon's.

Edvard: I know what you mean about old houses. Mine is 120 years old and no matter how much I clean it, dust appears all over again within a day.



Ouch! Data-Vac Pro is $217+  !!

Don’t want one that much!


This might work for you.

It's small, ( rechargeable!) battery powered, made by Metro, and costs about $30.

Dataavac DVR1 Desktop Shuttle Vacuum/ Blower
 (see attachment in previous post)
-40hz (January 30, 2009, 01:19 PM)
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Look at the reviews for this one at Amazon.  1.5 stars average - more 1 star comments than I am used to seeing!


Here in Sweden you can buy a special computer cleaning add-on for 6$ that fits any standard size vacuum cleaner. There's probably something similar elsewhere.


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