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IDEA: Auto Focus Grabber

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My brother was just telling me one of those "You know what would be so cool?" ideas, and I thought that what he told me was perfect for a coding snack, so here goes.

He would like a utility that automatically gives focus to any window that the mouse is on top of. So in other words, whenever the mouse moves across the screen from one application to another, any application that is directly under the mouse should get focus.

you mean like x-mouse? can be do with TweakUI.

Powerpro can do that as well.

Thanks lanux and kartal. I'll give him this info and see what he thinks.

also check out this cool AHK script which expands the idea even more.

* hover over taskbar button to activate window
* hover to select (or exit) from a window-group menu (for Windows' "Group similar taskbar buttons" feature)
* hover over start button to open start menu
* minimize or maximize by hovering over the min/max buttons
* activate any window by hovering (except the taskbar)-thread
--- End quote ---

• Auto-raise / mouse hover


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