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Looking for simple backup software

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I use syncback pro version, it sounds like it does everything you want, except no:7

I also use Filehamster for realtime folder back up and versioning.

This is going to be for a laptop for my parents who I don't get to see that often. I'm setting them up with a laptop and an external hard disk and a backup routine that will keep their data on 2 pc's safe. Image backups are probably too much.

I will look at NH, syncback (didn't know it can backup when a device is connected) and the others. Thanks.

Yeah it looks like it can back up to spesific device based on serial number, name or drive name.

Yes - SyncBackSE definitely does 1 through 6.  I've used all those features except #5 (multiple versions).

However, some people would argue that it's not particularly simple.  But I think that's true of most backup applications that are highly configurable.

Ha! I will do some ad here but couldn't resist in sharing this backup software called Backup Dwarf  :) definitely doesn't all the fancy stuff you listed, but is actually working fo me.


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