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Windows cannot find "Blah-blah". Make sure you typed the name correctly and ...

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I have a problem with FARR on my laptop. I am facing the problem especially when i try to start Live Messenger using FARR.

1.) When i make FARR use the Launch method  "Method 1 - ShellExecute (original method)" FARR simply does nothing.

More clearly, I press key combination to launch FARR, FARR appears, I type "messenger", see the Live Messenger in the box and then press ENTER.
After that, FARR window disappears and i expect the messenger to be launched.
But nothing happens. NOTHING.

2.) When i make FARR use the 2nd launch method  "Method 2 - ShellExcuteEx (new method)" windows displays an error message window:

Windows cannot find 'messenger program link'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button,and then click Search.

(See the attachment)

What could the problem be?
Please help.
Thank you.

That is really strange.. does it only happen with that one shortcut, Live Messenger?
If you start the shortcut manually from your start menu, does it work?  The screenshot lists the program directory in the "Out of Business" folder, so it makes me think maybe the shortcut itself is nonfunctional.


The problem is solely with Live Messenger shortcut. When I click the shortcut using the usual way (by first clicking the start button, then so on) it works normally. The shortcut is functional.

My laptop is intended to use at work, so i collected all the programs that are not related to my job under a folder named "Out of business"  :D :D

That folder is what you noticed  ;)

Same problem also exists on my desktop at home. And again only with Live Messenger shortcut.

There are many program links under that folder (Out of business) and none of them gives a similar error.

Thank you.

i vaguely remember a situation where Farr couldn't launch a program because the .lnk had a space in its name, either at the beginning or at the end. maybe it's related but i can't find the thread though.. :-\

ok, here is the thread... incidentally it was Windows Live Messenger as well..

Source: BUG: Can't launch results that end in space


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