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suggestion: listing farr extensions


As I cannot remember all the prefixes and plugins keep adding them, would it be a good idea to have a search modifier lister?

When I type <space><plus> (ie. " +") could farr show the list of installed valid search modifiers?
I guess something similar for aliases too if it doesn't exist already, like aplugins for plugins. this would be invoked in the middle of building a search

Also it seems there are now so many extensions to FaRR (which is great) and some of them come preinstalled, that it is hard to figure out all the posibilities. Maybe its time to think about a list command so you could do:

list plugins (replaces aplugins)
list aliases
list modifiers
list prefixes
list <new feature>

this could be invoked before the search as a command.

a good idea.


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