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windows 7 beta available for free Jan 9 (!)

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I guess that partition is some kind of "recovery partition" like what HP, Dell, etc. put on their computers. 200mb seems a bit small for recovery, but at least it's small enough that I can just ignore it.

I saw some page that had instructions to prevent that partition from being created. I didn't read it very carefully, but it looked like the main idea was to partition/format the HDD before installing Windows 7.
-Hirudin (January 11, 2009, 04:08 PM)
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Yes, that 200MB is the Windows recovery partition. It lets you run the recovery console without needing the Windows dvd. If you install on a system which is already partitioned, then the recovery files are placed in c:\Srd instead.

This is what the recovery environment looks like -

Are you sure it has anything to do with recovery? It sure doesn't look that way to me...
windows 7 beta available for free Jan 9 (!)

Just lacks transparency and there are none of the magic preview-thumbnails in the taskbar.
-Carol Haynes (January 11, 2009, 12:33 PM)
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I am not sure if TaskbarEx will work with Win7, but if it does, you got thumbnails if you want them (and you can adjust size & quality to get best performance)

windows 7 beta available for free Jan 9 (!)

I've just bought VM Ware, but I found this out about it

VM Ware Player = Plays virtual PCs but cannot make virtual hard drives
VM Ware Workstation = 30 day trial, after 30 days cannot play virtual PCs

Both together = Create hard drive in VM Workstation (even once the trial has expired) and then turn it on in VM Player


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