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windows 7 beta available for free Jan 9 (!)

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Carol Haynes:
No, neither VMWare nor Parallels can run the windows experience index to completion, and hang in the same place you found. I tried editing registry values to force aero to show, but it didn't work. I know VMWare are working on getting aero supported, don't know why they find it so difficult as they are DirectX 9c compliant.
-nontroppo (January 11, 2009, 09:38 AM)
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It probably doesn't help that the VMWare display adapter only allocates 16Mb of memory - and I think Aero requires 128Mb as a minimum.

Crap! So much for my cunning plan to run the 64-bit version in a Virtual PC (note to self: RTFM before downloading the iso!).

Looks like I'll have to install to an extra harddrive afterall...

Just as a public service announcement to others considering their options: few (if any?) of the free or cheap virtualization options support a 64-bit guest OS...

Carol Haynes:
Another strange issue - with multiple boot systems:

If you install Win7 in new partition when you boot into Win7 the active partition doesn't seem to be listed as a drive!

For example my system has:

1 ... Win XP
2 ... Vista 32
3 ... Vista 64
4 ... Win 7

When in Win 7 partition 1 is listed in disk management but is not assigned a drive letter. Partitions 2,3,4 show up and have letters as normal.

Others seem to report it isn't an issue with XP but if you have Vista in the boot partition that doesn't show up either.

Carol, sorry to hear you've had that amount of problems - good thing this is a beta, after all :)

IMHO everything looks OK without Aero, but of course not having the acceleration sucks. I was able to run the performance index just fine under my vmware 5.5.9 btw, perhaps because it doesn't try supporting recent Direct3D?


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