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Sound Recorder freeware - anyone?

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I use Audacity to make pre-recorded radio shows; it meets my needs nicely.

It's available here:

I have used both audacity and wavosaur to make myself some simple ringtunes (cut and modify until it loops gracefully) and also once to transfer a tape to mp3. They're not pretty and audacity is a bit on the cryptic side with its menus, but they work

wavosaur is simpler and install free, so it is the one I keep around

I find Audacity pretty easy to use. Granted, I don't use all the menu options, but I find it easy to find what I need.

I forgot to mention that it also can save as MP3.

The version still in Beta handles MP3 tags better, though. 

  I use iCool player.  Not only does it play just about any format, but also converts to other formats, rips & burns cd's.  The main reason I got it is because it supports .ogg.
  And of course it's completely free, not disabled in any way, and no ads.

these are not portable
but at least they are simple, imo
(especially the mp3 sound recorder)
and all on one web site


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