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Sound Recorder freeware - anyone?

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Sorry being dense - how do you set what type of disc to write in AmoK - I can't seem to see how you make and AudioCD - it just seems to create a CD-ROM ??
-Carol Haynes (January 08, 2009, 10:31 AM)
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There are several plugins on the download page (scroll down for the audio one).

BTW, Dirk Paehl is the author of this software. You can find more burning software on his Website

Carol Haynes:
Yes I added the two audio plugins to the plugin directory but there still didn't seem to be any way in the main app to create an Audio CD. The only option seemed to be drag and drop and when you did it just created a stanard CD-ROM with whatever files you put there. The website says it should convert MP3 and produce standard Audio CDs but I couldn't see any way to acheive this.

Re. ImgBurn ... I use it all the time for most things but producing an Audio CD is somewhat geeky. First you have to go to the website to find the tutorial how to do it. Then you have to:

Create a CUE file with the music files you want on the CD and set the inter track gaps that you want
Then you burn the CUE file to a CD

This isn't terribly difficult to do but it isn't exactly obvious and trying to explain to someone who wants burning software just to produce Audio CDs seems a bit counterintuitive. Add to that I wanted a standalone and I don't see ImgBurn as an easy option for school kids from a teacher who doesn't know how to run ImgBurn from a command line with command line switches.

Here's how

1. Click on "Plugins" button on main interface and then on "AudioBurning"

2. Click "OK" to confirm

3. Follow steps in the Audio Burner Wizard.


OK, SilentNight MicroBurner is an easy to use, portable CD burner. It saves settings in the application folder. The program's home page is gone, but you could download the last freeware version from the Portable Freeware Collection Website (

I have started using Reaper lately & although it's not freeware it's more in the style of what students will be using in the real world. It handles all sound multitrack recording, Midi, VST & more if needed. It has loads of plugins available & Will install on a key drive fact it has a Start Menu item to automate this for you. The installed Reaper folder on the key drive comes in at 138Mb with 114Mb being tutorial video' your students can study at their own pace.
There are options to render the audio from the program which again is very much like a pro set-up (Cuebase, Logic etc) at which point they select the output file as "Audio CD Image" & Reaper will also ask if you want the file burnt straight to CD. Very handy.
Reaper has an evaluation period of 30days after which time they like you to buy a license...but the amazing thing is if you don't buy a license you will keep ALL the functionality of the paid version but only have to read a 6 second reminder every time you boot up. That is VERY reasonable of them. There is a great big PDF as a manual for free download & also a barebones online Wilk.
If you work in a schools the your head Council Tech Guy will have some ideas of programs & they may even have some licensed already or be prepared to buy something. I was witness to a computer teacher go from "knowledgeless" to having a fully operational school radio station in about 3-4 months which the help of someone at her local council (to deal with network issues etc).
I use CD Burner XP as I burn lots of file formats & it's drag & drop & I have set the program so my kid (11) can just click burn & put a Cd in it'll do the rest.
All the best.


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