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Mark Forster seeking beta testers for Autofocus

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Have to say that this system really shows promise! Even a lazy procrastinator like me is getting some more stuff done than before. Very simple, yet effective. Too simple to write a book about, so apparently it'll be freely available at his website once it's out of beta.

I am not a GOE participant, but this did intrigue me as I said earlier.  I have been trying it out and I will stick with what I have been saying.  His site is horrible.  Finding information or sharing it is cumbersome at best.  That is the bad news.

The good news, for me, is that his system seems to be working reasonably well.  It doesn't hurt that this is a formalized method VERY similar to how I organize my life anyway.  The big difference I have seen is 1) I can't use it for scheduled items - the very nature is rather freeform.  This isn't a big deal, because scheduled items are rarely issues anyway.  2) It puts everything on paper so I don't forget or dismiss items without consideration first.  Previously, if I wrote it down, it was in a calandar and would be missed if I didn't get to the date.  Todo lists never worked for me in the traditional sense, because the only time I would use them is when I wanted to enter something I didn't want to forget.  You need to look at it at other times too  :-[. Not that I am much better with this system, but since I am giving it a fair shot, I have been pretty good about it.  We will see if I stick with it.

As for the system itself, do not feel as if you can't try it out.  Mark Forster is still having an open beta on it - in fact over 500 new participants have joined since it started.  Thanks, longrun, for the heads-up.

Paul Keith:
Thanks for this. Still a bit skeptical since I haven't tried it but we'll see...

It's officially out of Beta -

in his mail he says text from the link is copyrighted so I wont quote any here  :)

To reference a quote from an online source, you can quote an excerpt from the content and then cite it in several ways. -
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so it's ok

I'm going to try this.


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