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NANY 2009 Release: Fried Babelfish

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Thank You Sir!!!  :Thmbsup: This is a great application and very portable too!


I have some ideas for the next stage of this "game" that you may love, especially if you are using this with any sort of chat application.

I can't really reveal too many details right now, and I have no ETA to give you as to hint to when you can expect it, but it's something I have been wanting to do with this application for a long time (almost since the beginning)

Here is a hint: A long time ago, Martin wrote a little tool that was the very first official release for my programming group (the app doesn't work any more  :(). My chatroom has been down for a long time, we need a whole brand new site, and I'd love it if something VERY similar to what Martin made could be the first new release when we officially "reboot" the group. (it's a nostalgia thing)

Not to fear...if you are in love with this application the way it is, I won't pull it down. It will remain available.

This rewrite will just be the next round in the little "translator game" that's been going on for the last 3 years.

Perry Mowbray:
Well, that's exciting (in a non-ETA way): I look forward to it  :-*

UPDATED: 1.0.8

Added 7 new languages:

* Albanian
* Estonian
* Galician
* Hungarian
* Maltese
* Thai
* Turkish

if you're still working on this project, could you kindly take a look at this problem i'm having with enlarged fonts size? fyi, my system font size is 96 DPI (Normal size).


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