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How can I turn off only the notification of what PT is doing?


Could anybody tell me how I could turnoff the notification balloon when Process Tamer tames a process.
This is because with my present desktop themes I get an annoying ding-dong alarm every time a notification to me is sent by PT that it has tamed a process.
I am sure the PT is doing me good because I don't get lockups nowadays anymore as evident from a slow system/not responding and a CPU usage graph hitting the peak of 100% with no signs of returning. :(

simple, just uncheck the options saying to show you balloon popup messages:

Thank you so much. I feel like a cretin.  :o LOL. It was so obvious. Actually the configuration page gave me the fright... processes and all hi-tech words and I missed out the simple in that state of awe. :)

No worries  -- glad you find the program useful :)
i should probably redo the options at some point to make things a bit clearer, it is a bit confusing.


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