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Last second home-made gift ideas: HELP!!!

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'how to' from what you may already have

from googling 'quick homemade gifts'
most involved some money
but that one may have something for you

or if you have a gift from someone else
and you think they would like it
called 'regifting' in my inlaws family..haha!
maybe it sounds bad, but it may work
depending on what you have they don't know about
being into giving is what matters anyway

Thanks for the link cmpm, checking it out now :)

For our family Kris Kringle, which is limited to less than $5, I make general suggestions like:

* A Poem
* A drawing/painting
* A personal recipe book
* A special photo
* Grow a plant (you're probably a bit late for that now  ;) )
* Write a short story (it may need to be very short now  ;) )
* Cook a special cake
* Perform a song
In the past I've done things like a personal journal (they certainly wont be blogging if they're not techie), this year a grew a persimmon from seed and have put some recipes together.
-Perry Mowbray (December 21, 2008, 07:03 PM)
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Good list, I'll probably draw a (complex but bad) family portrait or something :P

Can you be with them for the day? Just being together is a gift.
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if they are over the age of 30 this might work.

under the age of 18 and you are likely to get a giant "WTF!?# "
-mouser (December 21, 2008, 06:16 PM)
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Yea... my thoughts exactly. And its hard to keep a 9 year old girl under control/paying attention for any longer than - hey, was that a butterfly?

Perry Mowbray:
Good list, I'll probably draw a (complex but bad) family portrait or something :P
-wreckedcarzz (December 21, 2008, 07:37 PM)
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A cartoon can be a funny and enduring item  :D

cmpm beat me to the papercraft suggestion.

There's some pretty cool (but somewhat complex stuff) at

If you're drawing something you might as well do it alongside a 12 month calendar template and mark out family birthdays, etc.

I think mouser's suggestion is pretty cool too.


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