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IDEA: Shortcut to Photoshop menu command.


This is my first try at coding so please excuse my newness.    When using Photoshop I navigate with a trackball and drawing pad.  I am limited when it comes to using keyboard shortcuts.  Is there a way to select a menu command (for the open window) by tapping a shortcut button.  I tried the following for the command-- Deselect (^D):

Send, ^D

Then made the file into a toolbar.  Although tapping the toolbar will cause the selection to "Deselect", returning to that active window "RE-selects" and I am back where I started.

Thank you for looking at this.  NR

sorry, I cant help you with specifics

I am limited when it comes to using keyboard shortcuts
-1NR1 (December 15, 2008, 06:14 PM)
--- End quote ---
do you mean you dont want to &/or cant use them?

have you seen ... Barnacle - I havent used it myself but
DONE: Barnacle - Add toolbars to your favorite programs

Thank you for you quick response!

If I could use keyboard shortcuts more often I certainly would :)  I tried skrommel's Barnacle, and was having some effort to get it right, my blunder I'm sure.  So just looking for something while working to put Barnacle to use (BTW, Barnacle, what a great idea for an app. Sometimes others forget that not everyone can or wants to keyboard).  Thanks again.


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