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FARR plugin: Akete

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it could be a completely different plugin with no connection whatsoever
-nitrix-ud (February 19, 2009, 08:34 AM)
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It's not clear to me that doing it in a separate plugin will help -- it might, but it isn't clear to me how yet (if it indeed is helpful).

i will not ask for a refund if it creates some after effects ;)

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Well, you might not, but it's not entirely unlikely that it would bother me -- I use the plugin too and at least currently, I look after the code.  I think it would be kinder to the current and potential future maintainers if the plugin's design and implementation are clear and coherent ;)

with the Akete.folders ;) plugin i just do :

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Actually, this wasn't meant as a separate plugin -- user variables under [Akete.Folders] are accessible to any plugin as far as I understand.  I had thought that placing the settings in a separate section might simplify the design and configuration.

so my suggestion is : if you do it, do it any way you see fit  :D

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I do not see a way that is fit just yet -- however, who knows what the future may bring?

i'll keep using my aliases then  :D

if AketeFolder plugin was first then the same questions about precedence would have arised with Akete plugin  :D-nitrix-ud (March 13, 2009, 03:33 AM)
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My leaning on this issue so far has been not to do a separate plugin -- it may have seemed like it because of the configuration example, but actually that configuration example would work fine from a suitably modified Akete plugin.

The motivation for me to split the configuration sections into Akete and Akete.Folders was because my impression is that handling the configuration is clearer -- I think that everything living in the Akete section makes for a mess in terms of design as well as in terms of users specifying configurations.

with an hyper complex filtering system where you could see things like :

(if the extension of the file is xxx
if the file is in Folder yyyy
file has been modified within zz hours)
then open with notepad++

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Do you think you could start spelling out specifically how this kind of thing would be specified by a user?

maybe this could be done like the directory file opus filter system :

however this should??/could??/must?? be much much simpler ;)

I took a look and my initial impression is that I very much doubt I have the resources or inclination to try to make something like that -- if FARR provided some way for plugins to easily provide configuration panes that integrated with the existing Options dialog, I might consider it, but AFAIK that doesn't exist currently.

I think the kind of thing that might be practical is doing something within the existing User Variables mechanism -- so imagine a potential user is going to be specifying their configuration via the User Variables pane in FARR's Options dialog box.  With this approach we've got:

* Separate sections (e.g. Akete, Akete.Folders, etc.)
* Name, value pairs separated by equals signs
As I understand it, those are our practical building blocks.  Do you have any ideas that can be expressed well using these pieces?

May be there are other practical approaches that don't involve creating basic configuration-related building blocks...I know there is some support available via FARR/FScript for handling INI files, but as I understand it, that's not too different from what User Variables supplies.

If you have any thoughts regarding other approaches, I'm happy to hear them :)


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