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FARR plugin: Akete

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Some experimentation here has the following results:

* No success so far in adding to launch history if the launching is done via the context menu.

* Adding to launch history seems possible when launching via non-context menu means (i.e. pressing enter with focus in FARR's main window text area).

I've tried modifying the stable version which doesn't include context-menu-related behavior.

If the stable version is what you are using, please let me know how the attached version works for you.

MD5: bff3767734f5e7d995881b40e24d5bff (90.39 kB - downloaded 374 times.)

Thanks for the reply and the modified version. I'll get back here as soon as i try it.

I'm using farr portably, even on my main computer, and together with total commanders internal file associations, this should be the best way of launching files.

I actually launch everything using your plugin, so with things not showing up in the history, i'm pretty much missing a lot.

Do you happen to know how Total Commander stores file association information?  I've been thinking that being able to import such information into Akete (or have Akete utilize such info) might be handy.

Ok i've tried the modified version and it's working just the way i want it too. Launched files are now being shown in the history. Very cool. Thank you!


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