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FARR plugin: Akete

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I'm thinking of providing a way of handling files with no file extension.

My current candidate for doing this is via the user variable Options.NoExtension.  Possible associated values should be the same as for a file extension.

I think I'll go with a default of "with" as the prefix, provide a way to change the prefix, and leverage any existing file extension association configuration so that it may be used with a keyword (e.g. if you have an association defined for 'html', then the plugin should recognize the keyword 'withhtml').
-ewemoa (January 15, 2009, 08:38 AM)
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sounds good to me.

Thanks for the feedback -- I really appreciate it :)

I've put together a new experimental version -- the first post of this thread should contain an updated download link as well as the associated README.txt in the spoiler section.

I think I have made initial attempts at all of the features discussed in this thread.

If you give it a try, I'd appreciate knowing how it works (or doesn't ;) ) for you.

I'm afraid it's a 'doesn't' for me. See attached screen shot.

FARR plugin: Akete


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