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Grid on Linux?


I'm sorry for asking because I am having much trouble figuring it out. Is it possible to use grid on linux? I am using a Acer Aspire One linux based laptop and would love to have grid on it.

Any info would be great

Actually, I've never tested it under wine or something like that...
I'd love to know.
Meybe some DC user who uses linux could test it for us? :)

 :o Look at tiling windows managers here.

I had intended to try this using WINE, but was unable to get WINE working properly before I handed off the laptop for my mom (I was just preparing the laptop for her to use, wasn't mine). Sorry for not being able to provide an answer for that. I still think that using grid in linux would be far better than having to use a window manager just for this feature. Seems kinda drastic to use a window manager for the sole reason that it can tile/table windows when grid does that just fine no matter the window decorations etc.

why would you use grid on linux when they have windows managers like xwm or dwm or awesome windows manager, the best is AWM use that if you need help let me know been using linux for 18 years across all spectrum, i have built and worked with systemd for arch linux and worked with the landscape for ubuntu business


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