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What the? - the case of the undeletable file...

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I don't really expect to get a definitive answer to this one as there are simple too many unknowns, but...

I have written a bundle of Excel macros that are used widely throughout our company.  To simplify the distribution/installation they are packaged into an (NSIS) installer.

I recently released an update to a limited number of crash test dummies users and have run across an issue that I don't understand and which is preventing me from distributing it further.

In this release I renamed the addin to indicate the version, something I hadn't previously done.  Problem is that whilst the installer deletes all traces of the old version, the deleted file is magically reincarnated at the next reboot (and blocks the loading of the new version).

to further complicate the issue, it doesn't happen to everyone (though it is consistent for those who are afflicted).

I have been through a couple of users PC's and can find no trace of the offending file anywhere (including network drives), yet after a reboot the file returns.

I've uninstalled the addin and it still returns

We are operating on a corporate LAN using XP desktops and office 2003 - the desktop environments are (virtually) SOE so there is little room for an unruly app to be the culprit here (and what app would do something like this anyway??)

I've also asked this question on our internal tech forums and no one had any ideas or suggestions...

I realise the enormity of what I'm asking but any/all suggestions would be appreciated

It may be related to a local cache (just a wild guess, but still worth mentioning ...)

These two TechNet threads may also help you in pinpointing the problem:

clearing cache

How to completely turn off excel-addin local cache??

both those articles appear to be referring to the use of the 'pps' addin in Excel (office?) 2007 which we aren't using

sounds feasible, though i can't see any reference to anything like this in any of the Excel Help files (not that that means much... :mad:)

Not sure if this would be of any use, but what about using something like Unlocker to delete the file? Or a program that "shreds" the file so it cannot be recovered?

Also, make sure you can see hidden files and maybe even system files so that when you're searching for "leftovers" you can be sure to find them all.

Office can be a bear for getting rid of anything.  It probably refuses to let the original file die.  I'd love to know why this happens on some users' machines and not others.


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