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NANY 2009 Release: Crush Cryptonizer

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1984 has still passed. Now they´re 25 years gone forward to a much higher controlling society than the people could imagine at this time. The control-freaks don´t seem to see any frontier they should stop after they got the taste of the digital master-control-program from Tron.

3 Short News:

Bruce Schneier:
I´ve contacted now Bruce Schneier personally and he told me some things about getting my algorithm tested somehow (this could cost a lot money). I think I have to go on with my search somewhere else to prove my algorithms are as good as I think.

BeRo / Demogroup Farbrausch:
I´ve got an extremely cool selfmade filewiper program from him for Cryptonizer and will include it in the next release that you can be sure not to have any decrypted original datas on your harddisk.

I think I´ll also include HotBits-Support as random-number generator for the salt. Its randomness is coming from radioactive decay.

Can I be a pain and ask that you upload the ZIP to DC (via way of attachment)? It is taking me about 45 seconds to load this webpage, and it would be much more convenient to just be able to get it instantly here :)

Also, in your version history:
28/12/21 Release V1.1

--- End quote ---
I believe that 28 should be an 08?

Thank you with the date-correction!
In several countries import or export of encryption is not allowed. I don´t want to possibly make problems to Donationcoders. So I decided to store it at a local hoster and who wants it can get it there. The file is quite short so the few seconds waiting for the download link should be ok. Open it in a tab and you can surf elsewhere meanwhile.

I think you should stuck to well-tested encryption scheme (like AES-256) than your own. It probably be easier to code, and people using your application would be confident in it.

If you want to develop a new encryption scheme, just do that: work on it, use external consultants (experts). It is costly. It has a very long lag (months, probably more), but it is the way to go.

Coding a app and inventing an encryption is not the same task.
As others said, I won't trust your super algorithm for encryption, and I would prefer to use another program with a clean, tested cipher algorithm.

You, and your peers can't test an algorithm. It has to be external experts. It *has* to be. It is not insulting a dimishing your work.
In the '90s, I also wrote an encryption program, though it was über cool (yes, it involved permutation back then). I really won't trust it now.


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