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REQUEST: Monitor Off by button

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I have been trying to redo MonitOff so that instead of it turning off I want it to turn off when I push Shift+F1 (+F1).  I then went it to turn back on when I push Control+Shift+F1 (^+F1).  I'm wanting this program to run in XP and I would like to autoStart when windows start so that is it always active.  I would prefer to not have to put AutoHotKeys on all the computer so if it is possible to make it a .exe file I would love that.
Thanks for any help,

Alex Wiltz
Communication Specialist
Kansas State Universtiy Police Department

I don't do much AutoHotkey anymore, but this should be what your looking for..

NOTE: I didn't touch the options and I'm sure that the program could be more efficient since your taking out most of the logic behind it (simply using Shift+F1 to turn off), however this is a working model and should suit your needs. When touching any key/moving the mouse, the screen comes back on - I don't know how to make AHK recognize Control+Shift+F1 and ignore all other keys- sorry.

AHK and EXE attached. :)

EDIT: For spelling

It does what I kind of want it to do but it turns back on after a couple of seconds.  This was the same problem I was running into before and I'm not sure if it is the computer I'm programming it on if it is something else.
Thanks for all your help,

Hmm, seems to do it for me too. :o I'm not sure then... wait and see if skrommel (MonitOff's programmer) or someone else more qualified can't help :)

Alright.  I might just be the computer.  I'm going to take it out tomorrow to one of the police cars and see if it works right there. Thanks for all your help.  I was getting really frustrated.


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