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StopKa - desktop search tool

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hi, muntealb! thank you for feadback.
there are some problems with StopKa site caching - it doesn't provide last version immediately when i upload this - i note it sometimes happens...
when it indexes the disks it consumes too much processor (60-70% of a Core2Duo E8200) and RAM (500 MB from a total of 2GB).
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i try to optimize it's speed as it possible - it is still possible to make it better - but as i think now it is the best among others.
currently 500 MB - is normal and i'll think howto decrease it.
you must provide a help file with the program or on the site. Without it the less advanced users will have no idea how to use your software.
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i'll make this. If you have other suggestions - please write it.

+1 on the call for documentation!

v1.3 is now out. It has a better layout for its GUI.

Actually it is worse than the previous version, from my point of view. It crashes at start, so it is unusable. I have Vista SP1 32-bit. It needs a log file that would record the crashes and the possible cause.

I have Vista SP1 32-bit. It works fine. Several people check it for Vista - they told it works excellent.


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