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Recommend some music videos to me!

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A very nice rendition of Morricone's classic.
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Outstanding.  Watched it twice (so far).

Blows your mind to imagine morricone writing the damn thing with those voices just making sounds.. Incredible.

Combine it with one of the most amazing movies of all time.. You get a masterpiece. and every note+voice makes me feel like I'm in the old west.

Maybe not THE worst, but pretty close...

SpoilerIt's an advertisement, by the way

I found a new band...

Maybe not THE worst, but pretty close...
-Edvard (January 28, 2019, 12:21 AM)
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This one (Gnesa - Wilder) still takes the cake, IMO:

Nice to see all the activity here lately :up: even the terrible stuff :P

A couple of tracks I'm enjoying lately.
Neither particularly original, both just really good tracks imo. I'm no expert but I'd say the first is influenced by older German cabaret music which meets wall of sound. Filtered by Bowie. Best just to listen:

Lernen zu schreien - Rainer von Vielen

Nobody Knows - Ocotillo


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