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Recommend some music videos to me!

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This was the signature tune of a Tv program (no video though):

4 non blondes - Misty mountain hop:

I am not sure, but it seems like a parody or satire of modern music. Personally I prefer TommyVFs remix/cover of it (The video is also pretty good)

Long mix
-p3lb0x (September 30, 2013, 02:57 AM)
--- End quote ---

I saw an interview with Ylvis and yes, they are parodying popular music with all it's accoutrements and smorgasboarding from a handful of other genres.  But then again, when has pop music not borrowed elements from the edges to serve sanitized to the mainstream?  I've always held that pop music was self-parodying most of the time anyway, so when things like this come along, I find there's a particularly gritty irony in that while parodying pop music, they actually came up with a quite listenable... wait for it... pop song. 
"...gaze into the abyss..."  :huh:

I mean, if this had been about "boy wants/meets/loses girl" or "we're having a great time at this social gathering" instead of ridiculous animal noises, these guys would be, at this very moment, having the world offered to them on a silver platter (in the form of a tidy record contract, of course).

A little off-topic in the sense that there's no accompanying video, but the music more than makes up for that imo:
nice and mellow--and upbeat at the same time; it gets going about the half-minute mark -

Tonbruket - Peace (2013)
(I dont know anything about the music or the musicians, just came across it..)

That idea of mellow and upbeat at the same time reminds me of The Flashbulb. He has made a few tracks that feature a similar feeling, at least to me. Planet Th is not quite as mellow as Autumn Insomnia Session though. Both also have somewhat interesting music videos accompanying them.


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