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DONE: Movie Cache Viewer

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Here's a tool I'd really love to have (and I can think of quite some people who'd also like it).

A program like "SWF Cache Viewer" ( but for movie files (avi, wmv, mov, mpeg, mpg)... sorted after day/date.

Usage: I visit some site with funny videos and clips and see something I like. Instead of browsing to Temporay Internet Files, search the file, copy it to clipboard, get bugged by Windows about some security issue, go to some other folder, paste... I'd just use "Movie Cache Viewer".

 :) Great idea, wr957!

CacheSort - Automatically moves files from Internet Explorer's cache into folders based on their extensions.

- Very handy for storing movies and other files downloaded from the Internet.
- Can be used to watch other folders.
- Run a program when a new file is found.

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.

What I really would like is to be able to extract the urls and more from the cache to sort and comment the downloaded files more accurately. Maybe later...


Thank you!!!  :Thmbsup:

Well done, Skrommel - that looks great!  What chance versions for Firefox and Opera?

 :) Just change the source line in the ini-file.

Also, I've added an option to copy instead of moving the files from the folder, just remember to delete the existing ini file when downloading the latest version.



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