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Regular Expression Designer: Free Program to Help you Build Regular Expressions

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Rad Software Regular Expression Designer is a free download that helps programmers learn, develop and test Regular Expressions. It is an interactive Windows application that is designed to be simple and easy to use.

The Regex match results are listed in a tree with levels for Matches, Groups and Captures. Clicking on a Match, Group or Capture will highlight it in the Input text window
Regex.Replace is supported and the results of the replace are listed in a separate window.
The Language Element window is an embedded reference that gets you up to speed quickly.

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Nice.  Regular Expression are on my hate-to-do list when it comes to development.

Solve a problem using regular expressions and suddenly you have two problems :P

That said, they can be pretty useful, as long as you're not trying to do "real" parsing using regex. I've usually been using The Regulator for regex testing, but it's somewhat quirky - might give this tool a try.

Thanks for the link  :up:  such things are helpfull every time

Very nice program! Sometimes I need to parse automatically some web page, and it's a bit frustrating when you compose a huge regexp, test it, and it simply does not work at all. Probably because of a tiny mistake somewhere in the middle.

I've just tested RegEx Designer: I pasted the whole page source into the text field, and built the expression step by step, checking what parts of the source were matched after each step. It was much less pain than without the program!

Also, a rather nice and intuitive GUI, in my opinion. I will definitely use it from time to time. Thanks!


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