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NANY 2009 Rewards

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The truth is that it seems more special to give out those things to people on special occasions, rather than have people buying them -- so the ridiculous prices help make sure that people don't just buy things.

Perry Mowbray:
I'm not sure if this is the right place (but it seems best).

By a happy mistake (give-aways from a previous Review that got lost), I have 7 copies of Backup4All available, that we'll be giving away to NANY 2009 entrants (note: they are not winners as such, well, they are winners because they get a brand spanking new version of Backup4All, but they're not winners because they "beat" everyone else, per se).

Mouser has said that I should choose who should receive them, and although I feel totally out of my depth in this, I'll be awarding the B4A copies to those entries that I feel benefit DonationCoder (my argument is that users give donations because of the benefit they receive, and these awards are given because of the benefit DC receives). So I'm not entirely sure how I'll come to a decision, but Mouser wanted a quirky, widespread approach so hopefully that's what we'll get.

No matter what, NANY is a great concept, and we all appreciate your efforts!

I have a couple of miscelaneous computer things to give away, an external usb2 dual sata drive enclosure, some good sata racks, a tv tuner.

Wow, that hoodie looks nice!

I don't have a NANY mug, but I do have a DC mug from the captioning contest - wish I had some (realistic) ideas for NANY so I'd have a chance of getting the hoodie :/



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