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XYPlorer ($15) Nov 24 at BDJ

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Josh, perhaps you could provide Don with some explanation or reasoning for why the solution provided to you in 2006 and again in 2007 is unacceptable for your circumstances?

In case you missed it the solution they both gave is available here:

I've avoided jumping back into the discussion until some of the smoke clears. Now that those with more vested than I have sounded off, I'd like to weight in.

As Nosh alluded to, one of the most common activities here on DC is our discussion of what we like and dislike about software. I'd bet that the vast majority of threads on this forum include some negative comment about some program or other (FARR excepted, of course ;) )

This thread didn't need to be any different from that. The fact that Josh and I dislike XYplorer shouldn't get anyone excited. As superboyac and others noted, it's good for all of us that there are many choices -- including XYplorer -- so that every one of us can get our peculiar needs addressed.

Instead, DonL escalated what had been a dispassionate discussion (at least the portion of it appearing here on DC), turning it personal and heated. This is inappropriate on DC, and it's inappropriate behavior for the voice of any company to turn personal in this way.

I realize that my opinion of XYplorer is just that: my opinion. I was offended when DonL simply dismissed my perception of the program, saying "The opposite is true". Had he articulated what his overarching philosophy for the program is, or given me examples of how things hold together tightly, we could have had a real, constructive conversation. But in fact he dismissed my opinion, apparently not caring what I -- nor other DC readers -- think.

He then went on with a quip, painting both myself and Josh as "idiots", and telling us we should shut up. Not only was this offensive, but ironic as well. He talks about things being "system features", and admonishes us to know what we're talking about before posting publicly. Yet he seems not to know what he's talking about; had he read my post, he'd see that this is, in fact, a feature of DOpus.

I responded to these comments with a bit of sarcasm, saying that my eyes have been opened by his offhanded dismissal. This was intended as an invitation to explain himself further, although he either ignored it or didn't notice it in his zeal for flaming.

Let me suggest that this isn't the wisest behavior for a software publisher. I expect that DonL has alienated more potential customers than he's won over. Even if I am mistaken in my assessment of the program, personal attacks aren't warranted. A rational discussion is still called for.

Remember, you're not just talking to the previous poster: you're talking in front of every DC reader, present and future.

FWIW, I still think it's worth hearing about the XYplorer unifying philosophy. I'm not into it, but maybe someone out there still is.

Josh, I read your posts, so I understand your problem.  Yes, I'll admit that I haven't found a file manager that completely replaces the Windows explorer implementations.  Anyway, what I did a long time ago is decide not to replace anything, just use each file manager as it's own separate program without replacing anything in the WIndows shell.  So default is still Explorer.  I know you really want a replacement, but yeah, it will be hard to find.  I don't anything about programming, but I figure it must be fairly difficult to write a third-party program to replace explorer that will work effortlessly on everyone's computer.  I mean, just think about all the dialog extender/replacements, and barely any of them work for all applications on your computer, and they often have issues with particular things here and there.  I just think replacing those kind of WIndows components must be difficult.

DonL, I still think your program is pretty great.

'Nov 24' is today

XYplorer 7.80 till 8.70 for $15 / 10 Euro today at BitsDuJour



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