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DONE: Personal Software Process Time Logger

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Looks lovely! Is there a reason why there is no "Reload Settings" command in the menu, as for example in the also lovely DoOover script? Now, there is a command to edit the settings to add a new task, but AFAIKT it is necessary to exit and restart in order to actually reference that new task. Is this deliberate?


A suggestion for Task Logger -- what about a comment field (after duration for backwards compatibility) and an option, when switching tasks, to pop up a tiny edit box into which a comment could be entered or revised for the task just completed and the task about to be started?


 :) Great suggestion!


Another great little application! Thanks a lot!
One feature request... Could we have keyboard shortcuts to change tasks instead of having to go to the tray icon? That'd be a lot faster.

Another one... (this is just visual)... having a different tray icon per task, instead of the generic 'H' from autohotkey! With the new coming review on icon editors, I can see how I would spend some more time playing around with icons...

Here is an improvement to my previous suggestion for a "Comment" pop-up dialog when switching tasks. This dialog could also display the duration of the task just completed, and it could have a button to Edit TaskLog.csv in a user-specifiable text editor (not to open it in Excel... too slow), or even, I suppose, in an edit control.

BTW, I have added an Edit Log command to the TaskLog popup menu and find it very useful. I quickly can correct errors (especiallly re-assign an interval to a different task), and also I'm adding comments to this file in the editor even though that's not supported yet.

-- modified post to add the following:

This leads to another suggestion: a command to reassign the currently active time interval to a different task. I don't know how many times I switch to a tast and immediately something else comes up. I think it will just take a moment so I don't change tasks, but then it ends up taking longer, so then I need to edit the task log. If this were supported with an explicit command it could be very useful.

I hope that all these suggestions are still considered snacks, not a full meal! :)


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