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DONE: Personal Software Process Time Logger

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A task tray utility that allows you to:
- configure a list of free form text strings (tasks) which show up on the task tray menu
- show stop and configure menu items as well

It records the time spent on a given task.

So imagine you come to work. You click the task tray icon, then select the task you are working on. It begins counting time. Later as you switch tasks, you select another menu item/task. And so on through the day. At end of day you choose "stop". All of the time spent on tasks (including start and stop times) are recorded to a csv file.

Also every 30 minutes (configurable) it pops up and says "are you still working on X?" to remind you to log your time.

So for example you might configure this list of menu items:
   Code Review
   Documenting Requirements
   Working PR/CR
   Team Meeting

The first few items are configurable. Stop is there for end of day. Configure lets you add/remove menu items and set the reminder timer.

This would be useful for contractors, personal software process adherents, or others who work for anal rententive corporations.

I absolutely love this idea and count this as another vote :Thmbsup:  this would be great.  I used to have a utility like this on my old MAC using OS 9 but have not found anything comparable on the PC .. most "timesheet" type programs are Waaaaay too bloated or expensive.

there are several existing tools to do this, but i also have been tempted to write such a tool..  it's a nice idea.
i don't know any freeware tools but there should be some.. i'll try to remember the names if no one else posts.

I have found some software to do this kind of thing, but nothing very lightweight. Please do let me know if you see something like this out there.

I too have been wanting to write this, but I'm too busy logging my every move to have free time for actual coding.  ;)

 :) Here's a simple one...

TaskLog - Logs the time spent on different tasks.

- User defined tasknames.

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.



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