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NANY 2009 Intro

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I haven't participated much in this site but I'll give it a go.

theo geer:
yes! :) I'm in this year

woot! participation looking is good this year!

remember: if you already have a mug, and for some reason you aren't trying to collect the entire series of NANY mugs, you can select another item from CafePress (sweatshirt, caps, bags, etc.) or maybe we can try to arrange some other gifts if people want them instead.

another idea might be to encourage non-programmers who have something they want to give away to make up their own award titles and give out their own awards to the participants :)

another thing to remember:  if you can't think of a good idea for your NANY program -- ask for some suggestions from the forum members (start a new thread in this section), and everyone should feel free to have people beta test their submissions here in this section before the official release :up:

and if you want some webspace on the server to host your program and it's web page, just message me and ask.

I have a few projects I have been working on in the last 8 months that I could possibly finish up at least one and release it for this year's NANY.

We have never had a theme for it in the past, and I am not sure it's a good idea to start. Sure we have had other challenges like the GOE one, but that's different.

If you are going to specify a theme this year, I might have to pass if the projects I have that are half finished don't fit the theme.


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