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Editor for PDFs: recommendations, please?

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- yes, it opens fine, now, I see, but I was trying to reach it from the inside of the pdf, and Firefox+PdfXchange Viewer wouldn't let me - said there could be no such link.

Rebate cheque by postal service? Hmm... so it really is a short termed loan?

Besides, the normal price for a new Nitro Pdf PRO at Avanquest-USA(server placed in UK)'s is listed as $80, not the $60 is telling. Wonder if they are trying to sell out an older version? It wouldn't be the first time!

FWIW - Firefox + Adobe Reader 9 did let me open the link from within the pdf  :P

The pricing of NitroPDF is confusing - it's usually listed as $99. Avanquest's offer is based on a discount from $79.95 and Fry's is offering it for $59.99... Makes one wonder about the markup on software!

Crazy rebate deals are "normal" at Fry's.  The products are usually perfectly up to date. Just some good old fashioned price dumping to get the customers into the store (the deals are more frequent in their brick and mortar outlets).  AFAIK, the majority of the customers then never fill out the rebate paperwork and they still make some money.

A Spanner in the works - Just in case anyone is interested Nitro PDF Professional for $49.95 after applying Coupon: NITRO30

Nitro PDF Professional

Create, convert & edit PDF documents 300% Faster than Adobe Acrobat.
Tue Dec 30 2008 11:27:36 GMT+0800

Carol Haynes:
My only comments about NitroPDF are that it isn't as comprehensive as Adobe's products and the license is fairly restrictive (unless they have loosened it considerably since I last used it). Very much locked to one machine. Also upgrades are expensive to future versions. I found that NitroPDF doesn't support all the objects that can be embedded into PDF files. This may or may not be a problem for you but I bought a commercial eBook on my digital camera which included some animated effects that did not work in Nitro. Nitro doesn't play well with Adobe products installed at the same tiome so you may find you have to remove current reader software (I seem to recall it automatically removed Adobe Reader when I installed it).

Another commercial product worth considering is

Their desktop suite is cheaper than NitroPDF, their upgrades regular and realtively cheap and their software is solid. I haven't used recent versions of Jaws products but the only downside I remember was that the editor was slow to open PDF files - but PDF creation via the Print menu was as fast as anything I'd seen.


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