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Editor for PDFs: recommendations, please?

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PS Both Carol and Zaine have had good things to say about NitroPDF in the past...

Nitro PDF, even free today (after  mail in rebate; US only):

- I seem to have forgotten what homepage it is that will make my browser appear as if I am situated in another country. Can someone tell me the name of it, please?

I should state that it was not a desktop solution, but an online page. It was not mentioned at

Nitro PDF, even free today (after  mail in rebate; US only):
-Lutz_ (December 29, 2008, 11:44 AM)
--- End quote ---

- the link in the rebate giving pdf form is ><, which no browser will find.
Did you use the offer yourself, Lutz?

That's weird, Curt, opens fine for me. It won't help you much, though, as the rebate is only available to people located in the US and Canada (you'll need a US/Canadian postal address as the rebate cheque will be posted to you).


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