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Editor for PDFs: recommendations, please?

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Carol Haynes:
PS - even if you are in Euro zone or the US if you buy from Jaws pay in UK pounds. At the current exchange rates it will be cheaper in pounds as they don't seem to have recently updated the prices. (Currently £1 is worth 1 Euro, give or take a cent, and $1.47)

Note Jaws does not support Vista64 platforms but does support XP64

I received an upgrade discount offer (60%) for Expert PDF 6 , so it works out at about $22.
It has quite a few PDF editing features.
Is anyone using it or can anyone comment about this release?
The version I have is V3
visagesoft expertpdf features

Hi bklikksem - I received the same offer this morning and have the same questions... I have no recollection of having any earlier release installed, so can't really compare - even by looking at the spec sheet. Hopefully someone else will come along with an answer!

- I am using it. I don't think about it; it does the job. I am not sure why I upgraded to version 6, version 5 worked well. I guess it is the same old syndrome: it is new, and that is the reason! Actually, I just might recommend any other pdf editor as well. I am using this one because I almost never bothers to EDIT my pdf files, but I will very often "print to pdf" - which it does well.

- oh yes, and I use it because it has this "add to file". Select some text on the Internet or in another file, and have it added to the text in a pdf file from your store. Nice feature!

That feature does sound nice, Curt. Does it work with Firefox? I ask because all of my internet archiving solutions (AskSam, NetSnippets, and Evernote 2) are unavailable to me in FF  :(


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