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Editor for PDFs: recommendations, please?

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At work, it looks like we will have to edit finished PDFs generated by a proprietary program.  Does anyone have any experience with the full version of Acrobat, or one of the other programs that claim to edit PDFs?  Is there anything that works like a normal editor/word processor does but with PDF as its standard format?


I'd have to give Acrobat the benefit here. Expensive as it is, there really is none better.
You could try Foxit's pdf editing software, but I have no experience with it.
If it does what it says on the tin, then it's a steal at $99 usd, compared to Adobe's base price of $299 for Acrobat Standard to $699 for Acrobat Pro Extended.

I remember Zaine recommended a couple of cheaper alternatives in his older (windows) Software list - maybe someone remembers or knows how to use google to find older webpages
(was one by Abby - Fine Printer people .. not sure though)

I'd Say PDFXchange. Not as expensive as acrobat, works well.

Thanks, folks!   :)

The company decided to go with Acrobat 9 Standard Edition, which claims to be able to convert things into Microsoft Word format as well as do minor editing on the PDFs directly.  If the Word conversion works, it'll be useful in itself, as the third-party programs and services I'd tried for that have been hit or miss.  If there was less urgency to get the job done, I'd have looked harder at alternatives.

Take a look at the Wayback Machine Internet archive.  The trouble is, you need the original URL (or you did last time I looked) and of course, you're unlikely to still have it when you need it.


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