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30% price reduction on Microsoft home server

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Good news if you're thinking about getting a copy of Windows Home Server

This reported via the AppScout website:


Friday October 31, 2008
30 Percent Price Drop for Windows Home Server Software
What's the best way to recover from a Halloween sugar coma? A 30 percent discount on Windows Home Server software, of course.

"Beginning this Saturday, November 1, the System Builder SKU for Windows Home Server will retail at $100-110 - down from the current price range of around $150-160," Microsoft announced Friday.

The software will be available from online retailers like Amazon and Newegg.

WHS is a consumer version of Windows Server 2003 designed for homes with multiple PCs that made its debut in late 2007.

"Microsoft is reducing the price of the System Builder version of Windows Home Server to provide additional value to the system builder community and further promote the home server category," the company said.
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I guess the housing crisis is affecting Microsoft HOME server.  ;)


Bad Mouser! Go sit in the corner.

Carol Haynes:
Does this mean they have fixed the data corruption bugs now?

I was about to mouser that comment but had to step in. Mouser, come on, you know better </moderation>


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